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5 Proven Ways To Organize Your Mind

Many times in an attempt to put some organization back into your life, you try to figure out exactly how to organize your mind where one thought or experience does not dominate your entire being. There is a five part strategy that is used to get your brain organized so it can deal with any obstacle that life throws your way.

 Organize Your Mind

Ways To Organize Your Mind

Here are 5 proven ways to organize your mind effectively.

1. Tame Anxiety

Negative thoughts creep into your mind all the time. Anxiety about deadlines or finances also causes negativity within your mind. This causes impairment to your brain function and clouds your thinking. You are then less creative and less strategic in your decision-making process. A simple way to overcome the anxiousness that you feel throughout the day is to take a minute and sit back away from everything. Take several deep breaths and count slowly to five. Some people use prayer or a mantra as a way to combat anxiety.

2. Keep Attention

The ability to intently focus on the task at hand is an invaluable tool to have and many people struggle with keeping their mind from wandering. Completely immerse yourself within the task. If working on a project, keep your email closed and refuse to answer the phone. Once you are finished with your task, you can then return messages or answer email.

3. Put on the Brakes

Willpower is a great weapon to have in your arsenal. Impulses can get a person into trouble when they lead them away from their goal. If you are in the middle of writing an important document, but then you have the impulse to do an internet search for closest amusement parks and start planning your weekend, the document you were working on will be pushed aside. Stop when you begin to waver from your task towards another task and ask yourself if it is more important than what you were working on.

4. Mold the Information

Trial and error is the best way for a person to learn consequences. When you make a discovery about certain things, such as wearing shorts in winter, you remember the consequences that you had, your legs were freezing cold and you felt foolish. The mind will pull this information from the working memory and help you determine that if it is snowing outside, then shorts are not the best clothing choice.

5. Shift Sets

Many people mistake this as multitasking. But true multitasking gets the tasks done, but not necessarily done well. Shifting sets allows you to quickly move from one task to the next by shifting your entire focus to that task. The task you are working on is not hampered by you thinking about a previous task or an upcoming task.

Get Rid of Stress

So now you have 5 proven ways to help you to organize your mind.

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