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5 Steps To Find a Life Worth Living

A life worth living is an ambiguous thing that will mean different things to different people. The power executive will perceive a life worth living when steadily climbing the corporate ladder. On the flipside, a life worth living to a stay-at-home mother would be watching her children grow and flourish in all they do.

How do you know if you are living a life worth living? Or better yet, isn’t every life worth living? What does it mean to find a life worth living? Simply put, it is finding a meaning or purpose within your life that makes you feel worthy and competent. Each person has to figure out what makes them happy or content within their life. They then have to find a way to make that the focus of their daily living.

To get a happy life change starts with you

Find a Life Worth Living in 5 Steps

 Here are 5 steps that will help you find a stable and happy life worth living.

Step 1: Write Down Your Successes

Many people focus on the negatives that have occurred within their lives and put themselves down because they are not where they expected to be. Instead, take a few minutes to write down your successes, big and small. This will show you how far you have come. Don’t just start your list with adulthood, go back to grade school and include everything from an A on a project to making it to school or work on time. No matter how insignificant you think it is write it down. You may want to keep your success list with you and jot down more as you remember them or experience them. Maybe you received a “way to go” from the boss, write it down.

Step 2: Make Your Bucket List

In the back of our minds we all have one started. Take the time to write it down. This is a list of all the things that we want to do before we die. No matter how ridiculous you think something sounds, such as paint the house pink, write it down. When you picture yourself on your deathbed, what do you see yourself wishing you had done when you had the chance?

Step 3: Assess Your Life

For many people, this is the hardest step because you are closely examining your life. You have to be completely honest with yourself and figure out where your life is falling short. What is holding you back from saying your life is worth living. Ask yourself why you have not done the things on your bucket list and if you are truly proud of the successes you listed. During this step do not become judgmental or feel discouraged because of your shortcomings. These are the shortcomings that will be fueling your desire to succeed and inspire you to keep reaching for more.

Step 4: Picture Today as Your Last Day

Many of will fear this and have difficulty pretending that they are facing their last day. Ask yourself what you would do differently today if you knew there would be no tomorrow for you. Who would you spend time with and would you extend forgiveness that you have been withholding? This is important because if your list of regrets and incomplete relationships is daunting, then you will need to work on those to find a life worth living.

Step 5: Stop the Excuses

Everyone deserves an exceptional life, no matter what you think you have accomplished or failed, you are a deserving person. What has happened in the past needs to remain there and it should never haunt you or make you feel unworthy of life. You are alive and breathing, that in itself makes life worth living. Stop making excuses for anything that goes wrong or makes you feel inadequate. Stand up and be courageous enough to be strong and confident in who you are and find the life that will make you feel worthy of living.

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Peace and Happiness

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