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Severe Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Severe anxiety disorder symptoms can be physical or mental symptoms. Although symptoms can range from one individual to another, you should contact to a physician if you exhibit any of the followings:

You Start Having Problems Sleeping

If you are sleeping too much, or not at all, you should consult a doctor.  Not being able to sleep will lead to other problems (like exhaustion) and affect your appetite.  You also may have problems sleeping due to nightmares. Abnormal sleep patterns are a sign of stress.  Managing your stress and anxiety will help you to have a better sleep schedule.

You May Have Nightmares

Having nightmare periodically is typical.  However, if you begin to find yourself having nightmares more than twice weekly, you may be exhibiting severe anxiety disorder symptoms.  Waking up in a cold sweat is also something that you should have concern about.

You Have Become Obsessed About Things

Sometimes, when you have severe anxiety disorders, you may begin to obsess over things that you have no control over.  Obsessing about these things will only lead you to having more anxiety.  This may include having flashbacks of traumatic or negative experiences that you may have had in your past.  If you do begin to have obsessive thoughts, you should consult your doctor.  Some people also begin to fixate on situations or items or activities.  Watching the same programs daily, washing your hands continually or not being able to calm yourself without an item are also symptoms to look for.

You Are Constantly Having Feelings of Panic and Fear

Fear and panic are ways for your body to respond to telling you that something is not right.  However, always feeling afraid or that you are in danger or feeling panicked when you have small problems are signs that you should look for if you believe that you have any severe anxiety disorder symptoms.

You Feel Like You Have Shortness of Breath

This is a classic and well known severe anxiety disorder symptom.  This shortness of breath may happen at random times or in conjunction with other symptoms, such as having obsessive thoughts or having a fear of panic.

Your Muscles are Always Tense

Some people may not realize that they are having severe anxiety disorder symptoms until they feel that they are always having tensed muscles.  They may feel as if they are in persistent pain to the point of not being able to get out of bed.  Luckily, once your anxiety has been managed, then your muscles and mind will relax.

Your Heart Constantly Skips A Beat

Many people with severe anxiety disorder symptoms finally seek help because they begin to feel palpatations in their heart.  When you are under stress or anxiety, your heartbeats become irregular.

Each of these symptoms are indicators that you may have severe anxiety disorder. With proper medical care, all of these symptoms should be able to be reduced. Most important, consult a doctor as soon as you find any of these symptoms.

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