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8 Reasons Why You Feel Anxious

Do you wonder why you feel anxious at times? People will feel anxious over different situations and not truly know why they are experiencing anxiety. Anxiety is many times triggered by the stress that has intruded upon our lives. Some of these stresses make you feel more anxious than others but all stress can be managed if given time to properly deal with it.

Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Feel AnxiousID-10099331

There are many possible reasons that may cause you anxious. But the some reasons are very common to most people. Here are 8 common reasons that causes you feel anxious.

1. Negative Self-Talk

Everyone at some point has subjected themselves to negative self-talk. This is where you talk yourself out of being in control and self-confident. You do not feel or believe that you can do something or are convinced that someone is being rude because they do not like you. It is a major form or self-doubt and it hammers away at your self-worth and self-confidence.

2. Work

Work is a major component to adding stress to a person’s life and we begin to feel anxious about our performance. Anxiety over a big presentation is normal, but when it affects every aspect of your job, then something needs to be done.

3. School

Children and adults who are in school feel certain anxiousness before tests and quizzes. A person who is overly anxious all the time when in a school environment will need stress relieving techniques to help lower their anxiety.

4. Social Settings

People have been known to feel anxious over going into restaurants and other social settings. There is a fear of doing or saying the wrong thing that leads to stress and anxiety. People who suffer from anxiousness while in social settings will tend to avoid the settings that cause the most discomfort.

5. Family Disputes

Family is probably the number one cause of anxiety. When there are quarrels or all out war among family members, the stress levels go out of control and you feel as if you are walking on eggshells around the family. This leads to extreme anxiety and very uncomfortable encounters with family members.

6. Lack of Direction

When a person cannot find the right path to follow or career to settle into, they lack direction and the ability to find their purpose. This is stressful for the person and they will feel anxious over ever finding what is right for them. This anxiousness can overwhelm or it can serve as a prod to get out there and find which direction to go. This is a classic example of why you feel anxious but can’t pinpoint the reason.

7. Financial Situation

Next to family disputes, finances are the next biggest cause of anxiety. Lack of finances is stressful as worry about paying bills and buying groceries mounts. The anxious feeling gnaws at you until you are able to find a way to straighten out your finances.

8. Large Crowds

Many people suffer from anxiety over being in large crowds. The number of people pressing in on them sends them into a panic attack and makes them physically ill. These anxious feelings can be dealt with but usually only by taking it slow with the person suffering from anxiety.

This is just a sample of reasons of why you feel anxious in various situations, everyone is different and we all can have any number of triggers, go with what works for you.

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