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9 Must Know Natural Anxiety Relievers

The prescription drug market has exploded with every type of cure imaginable. For those who seek holistic or natural remedies as opposed to laboratory generated cures, there are hundreds of proven natural cures for most ailments. Anxiety is no exception. There are numerous natural anxiety relievers available.

Natural Anxiety Relievers You Can Trust

There are many natural remedies that will help to reduce the anxiety and patience naturally. 9 of these anxiety relievers are described in brief here.

#1 Chamomile Tea

A cup of chamomile tea has been proven to calm jittery nerves. There are compounds in chamomile that work similarly to Valium and calm the same brain receptors. Some people chose to take a chamomile supplement that has dried chamomile flowers and apigenin. Supplements have been proven to decrease anxiety symptoms significantly.

natural anxiety reliever

natural anxiety reliever

#2 L-theanine

L-theanine is an amino acid that is found in green tea. The L-theanine slows rising heart rates and blood pressure. This reduces the stress and anxiety that is being felt by the person taking the L-theanine.

#3 Hops

Hops are found in beer, but drinking beer will not alleviate anxiety. The volatile oil which is the sedative compound found in hops, is what helps to ease anxiety. It comes in extracts and tinctures and are used as aromatherapy within hops pillows. It is used to promote sleep and is often times used with other herbs, mainly valerian. It is not safe to use as a sedative if you are taking prescription tranquilizers or sedative.

#4 Valerian

Valerian is a sedative and is used mainly as a sleep aid for insomnia. It has been proven to reduce anxiety. The actual valerian root has a very nasty odor and is taken in capsule form or as a tincture instead of a tea.

#5 Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has been used since the middle ages to reduce anxiety and stress as well as help a person to sleep. Those who regularly take lemon balm extract tend to be more calm and alert as well as sleep more deeply. When beginning a lemon balm regiment, start with low doses so your body can slowly adjust.

#6 Exercise

It has been proven that it takes only 21 minutes of exercise for a person to feel less anxious. Even just walking on a treadmill will have the desired effect. Getting the heart rate up and the blood flowing through the body will reduce anxiety.

#7 Passion Flower

Passion flower is a sedative that works to relieve nervous restlessness. It has been proven that it can reduce the symptoms of anxiety as effectively as prescription drugs. Do not take passion flower with other natural sedatives or prescription sedatives. Never take passion flower for longer than one month at a time.

#8 Lavender

Lavender’s aroma is intoxicating and is said to be an emotional anti-inflammatory. People who smell lavender oil are less likely to become anxious. There is a lavender pill was created in Germany and it showed a reduction in anxiety symptoms in people diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.

#9 Eat Up

Sometimes when an anxiety attack occurs, it can be because of low blood sugar. If this is the case, then eating a quick snack will bring the blood sugar levels up and the anxiety will decrease. Eat a healthy breakfast to stave off dips in blood sugar and it will make the person less anxious.

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