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10 Famous People With Anxiety Disorders

Generally, when you think of celebrities, you think of someone who is always self-assured, secure and indestructible. We must remember that celebrities are people too.  They have the same ailments and diseases that plague the rest of the population.  There are many famous people with anxiety disorders. A list of 10 famous people with anxiety disorder is given below.

1. George Michael

Some stars’ anxieties begin after traumatic events.  This was the case with British singer, George Michael.  He had a near death experience with pneumonia and also suffered from post-traumatic stress.  Since then, George Michael has been very public about major anxiety and how he treats it.

2. Kylie Minogoue

Kylie Minogue, an Australian singer and actress, has stated in interviews that she suffered depression after her diagnosis with breast cancer in the early 2000’s.  Despite her depression, Minogue always held herself in a positive light when in the public eye.

3. Princess Diana

Postpartum depression sufferers include Brooke Shields and Princess Diana Spencer.  Brooke wrote a book, “Down Came the Rain” about her struggles after she gave birth to her first child.  It is speculated that Princess Diana suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of Prince William and that she also had anxiety issues as well.

4. Zack Braff

Zach Braff, who is famous for playing happy go lucky Dr. John on the hit comedy series Scrubs, once stated in an interview that he thought that he suffered from mild depression.

5. Kim Basinger

Blonde Bombshell, Kim Basinger, is a noted agoraphobic.  She is seldom seen in the public eye, yet in the 1980’s and 1990’s she was critically acclaimed and sought after for her beauty and talents.

6. Leanne Rimes

County singer Leanne Rimes became successful as a child.  She became the youngest artist to be nominated for an Academy of Country Music Award and the first country singer to win a Grammy for Best New Artist.  Leanne has had many stressful situations in her life, including her marriage.  She checked herself into a center to take care of her anxiety issues when she was 30.

7. David Beckham

Footballer David Beckham has never hid his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  In interviews he has told reporters that he must have everything in pairs and straight lines.  Otherwise, he gets very anxious.

8. Adele

Singer Adele is so famous that if you asked anyone what her last name was, most people on the planet could not answer this question.  Her albums have reached number one in many countries.  She can be seen on stage and at awards ceremonies.  Yet, Adele has a fear of being in front of crowds and has anxiety attacks before and after her performances.

9. Emma Stone

When she was eight, American actress Emma Stone had her first panic attack.  Emma has said that she still suffers panic attacks on occasion but manages her stresses and anxiety by channeling the negative energies into her work.

10. Owie Mandel

The most famous germaphobe is probably Howie Mandel.  He was a host for many game show hosts.  Unlike other hosts, Howie never shakes hands with contestants.  He also told Howard Stern that he shaves his head to feel cleaner.

As you can see, famous people with anxiety disorders and depression still manage to cope.  Their successes are due to their hard work and ability to manage their anxiety.

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