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Dizziness: Can Anxiety Make You Dizzy?

Some people with anxiety and depression ask their health professionals “Can anxiety make you dizzy?” One symptom of anxiety and stress is dizziness. Therefore, the answer is yes. However, there are some things about anxiety and feeling dizziness that you should think about or discuss with your health professional:

Dizziness is common if you are feeling stressed out, scared, or anxious. Typically, if you can pinpoint and mananage your stress levels then the dizziness will go away as well. If you are stressed out, you may be taking short, shallow breaths, which lead to lack of oxygen going to your brain. Hyperventilation can cause your CO2 levels in your body to change. This can make you feel dizzy.

dizziness can be caused by anxiety

dizziness can be caused by anxiety

If you skip meals because you are not hungry, there is a chance that you can get dizzy. Many people who are anxious either overeat or not eat enough when they are feeling stressed out. Skipping meakls can cause your blood sugar levels to drop. Regardless of how you may feel emotionally, try to eat balanced meals filled with the right amounts of proteins and carbs to avoid feeling dizzy.

If you suffer from migraines, you may also end up having dizzy spells. Sometimes, migraine sufferers suffer from vertigo, very serious cases of dizziness combined with a migraine. Taking anxiety medication (antidepressants and beta blockers) can help with the treatment of your migraines and help you to relax.

Vertigo can happen also when you are very stressed out. When you have vertigo due to stress, you may vomit or feel nausea. You may feel as if the room is spinning and unable to even stand up0 straight. This can be very stressful to the sufferer, which can lead to higher anxiety levels.

Another cause for dizziness is thyroid disease. If you have thyroid disease you may find yourself gaining or losing weight. Thyroid disease is a complicated disease. Because of that, some sufferers may find themselves feeling anxious or depressed. Once you take care of the major symptoms of thyroid disease, the anxiety and depression will go away.



Remember to stay hydrated. This helps to keep you from being dizzy. Also, if you are already str4essed, try to stay out of the hot sun and the heat. The heat and the sun can make your body react to stress and cause you to feel dizzy.

Although there are no direct links to anxiety and dizziness, you still need to be aware of the possibility of dizziness being a reaction to some medications that are taken for anxiety. If at any time you feel as if you are going to pass out, or that you are too weak, while taking anxiety medication, contact your health care professional. They can assess you and see if it is in fact the medication that is causing the symptoms that you have. Always try to keep track of when and where you are if you start feeling dizzy. This can help your doctor pinpoint the exact cause of dizziness.

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