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Breathing Techniques For Anxiety

There are many different breathing techniques for anxiety. How you breathe affects how much oxyge4n will actually get into your body.  By increasing your oxygen levels, you promote relaxation. There are many different types of techniques. Each technique serves a different purpose.

Effective Breathing Techniques During Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, it is recommended that you try each of these methods in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Once you find the breathing technique that is right for you, stick with it. You will find that your anxiety will decrease and you will feel calmer and centered. Here are some breathing techniques described for anxiety.

Resistance Breathing

Resistance breathing is used by many athletes.  This technique for anxiety strengthens your lungs and chest muscles. It is recommended for people with asthma and other breathing disorders. Yoga and Tai Chi are two sports that incorporate resistance breathing into their sessions.

The resistance comes from you having a physical barrier.  The physical barrier can be your own lips, holding your nose closed or wearing a mask.  People who practice resistance breathing say that it allows you to breath deeper and also to your breath longer.

Breath Moving

Breath moving has been compared to massaging yourself from the inside out. When doing this technique, you are told to think of your breath moving from different parts of your body. Generally, you start from the top of your breath to your spine. Then you think about your breath moving to each part of your body until it is in your toes. When you get to the bottom of your body, which is considered one cycle. People who do breath moving practice it in ten cycles.

Coherent Breathing

Coherent Breathing is the practice of maximizing your heart rate variability by trying to maintain five breaths per minute. You do this by counting to five when you inhale and when you exhale. Maximizing your heart rate variability is a way of gauging how your parasympathetic nervous system is working. This also promotes your cardiovascular system and relaxes you. It takes a few days of practice to be able to do coherent breathing correctly. People who practice it tend to try to do this method regularly.

Equal Breathing

Equal breathing is a lot like coherent breathing because you must focus on how many inhalations and exhalations that you are doing.  However, you are not limited to five per minute as with coherent breathing. When equal breathing, the main focus is to have as many inhalations and exhalations. You must also match the length of your inhalations and exhalations. Equal breathing with your eyes closed helps the person that is doing it to concentrate on the lengths of their breaths.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

This technique is just as it sounds. You alternate breathing through your nostrils by using your fingers to close the nostril and open the nostril. It is thought that this type of breathing centers you and prepares you for relaxation before practicing yoga.

By focusing on breathing, oxygenation of the brain is being promoted. Which reduces stress and can help you to become emotionally balanced.

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