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Natural Cures That Work To Reduce Anxiety

Today, people are trying to find alternatives for ailments besides medicines that are regularly prescribed to them by doctors and physicians.  Luckily, natural cures for anxiety are all around us.  With the popularity of homeopathy and herbal remedies, it is not hard to find a remedy that fits your lifestyle.

Some Natural Cures For Anxiety

Anxiety can be treated by many natural cures. 7 of the most effective natural cures for anxiety are discussed below.

#1 Belly Breathing

Belly breathing, or deep breathing is one natural cure for anxiety.  Studies show that deep breathing lowers the heart rate and calms the nerves.  Combined with one of the other methods listed below, not only will deep belly breathing release your tensions but it will also help you to fall asleep.

#2 Yoga

Yoga is an excellent exercise that connects your body and mind with the spirit.  Yoga not only helps to center you but you spend time challenging yourself and focusing on your inner strengths.  Even if you head to a yoga lesson, studio, quiet room in your house angry or feeling anxious, it is guaranteed that you will begin feeling calmer within minutes of starting your yoga regimen.

Yoga can work as natural cure to reduce anxiety

Yoga can reduce your anxiety

#3 Meditation

You can still benefit from yoga without doing the salutations (postures or movements).  Find a quiet place away from any external distractions.  Sit comfortably.  Concentrate on your breathing.  Next you will want to concentrate on your thoughts.  Meditating for 10 minutes a day can help to increase a person’s positivity and reduce stress.

#4 Massages

Massages are an excellent and popular way to reduce anxiety.  Salons and spas can be found globally.  These establishments cater to relaxing a person’s body and mind.  If you are nervous about going to a public establishment for a massage, an alternative would be to have a family member or trusted friend administer the massage to you.

#5 Passionflower

Passionflower is a great herb that you can drink as a tea.  People use passionfloweor when they want to feel relaxed or have problems sleeping.  As with any herbal remedy, check with your doctor before trying passionflower.  Also educate yourself about the warnings and adverse reactions it may have on your system.  Every body is different and reactions may vary, especially if taking medication.  Passionflower is known to have an anesthetic affect if taken in large quantities.  Because of this, it is advised to take the recommended dosage if drinking as a tea, and with food.

passionflower - natural remedy

#6 Lavendar

Lavendar can be considered passionflower’s younger brother.  Lavender can be used as a tea or as an aromatherapy or bath oil.  Regardless of how you take it, the affects of lavender are the same.  It is a very popular natural cure for anxiety.  Thousands of people globally swear by the effectiveness of lavender teas and scented products.  Lavendar is even used in baby products to help to calm them and put them to sleep

#7 Running

If you aren’t quite ready for sleep, you can go for a run.  Despite being thought of as a hard sport, running is something that you can do without truly thinking.  You can “zone” out and quiet your mind.  After running there is the possibility of reaching the feeling of euphoria, or having the runner’s high.  Because of this, more people are lacing up their sneakers instead of seeking out a doctor who will give you medication.

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