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Anxiety and Violence: Control Your Anxiety To Avoid Violence

Arguments have been raging for centuries regarding the correlation between anxiety and violence. It is becoming more and more accepted that you should control your anxiety to avoid violence caused by your reaction.

Anxiety is not easily understood unless it is personally experienced. Anxiety is not always fear; it is simply a feared response along with dozens of other symptoms including violent thoughts. Violent thoughts are believed to be an example of a stressful fear. These thoughts may not sound exactly like anxiety but they are directly related to specific anxiety issues.

What many people do not realize is that violent thoughts are simply normal thoughts that have gone wild. These thoughts do not start as an anxiety symptom. Your personality is not defined by these violent thoughts. Anxiety causes issues that bring out thoughts that have been forgotten.

Those suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder are more susceptible to violent thoughts. These violent thoughts can sometimes be difficult to stop without professional help.

These violent thoughts are any thought that a person might consider violent and each person is different. These thoughts could be:

  • Committing violence against someone else
  • Violent sexual acts against someone else
  • Imagining gore or brutality

Many people have random flashes of abnormal thoughts that they forget so quickly that they do not even realize that they have them. These forgotten thoughts are brought back to the forefront of a person’s subconscious when they experience anxiety.

anxiety can cause violent behavior

anxiety can cause violent behavior

Those who suffer from anxiety never seem to forget those violent thoughts. Those with anxiety will think about violence over and over, causing them to become more anxious. As the person becomes more anxious over the repetitive thought process, they become more inclined to act on these violent thoughts. This makes them dangerous to those around them because they are unpredictable.

Violent thoughts from anxiety can be stopped by doing some simple exercises. The first thing that you need to realize is that these particular thoughts do not mean anything about your true personality.

You can cure violent thoughts by trying the following:

  • Write them down – when you have violent thoughts write them down in a notebook. If they cause you anxiety, do not worry, just simply sit there and think it through. You will start to get used to the thoughts and they become okay rather than force them away from your conscience.
  • Think on purpose – during a long period of time force yourself to think about these violent thoughts; again do not worry if you feel anxious about them. You will begin to feel at ease with these thoughts and they will become less violent and the anxiousness will cease.
  • Distract your senses – do not be alone with your thoughts. Your thoughts will many times become the enemy when you are alone. Keep yourself active and avoid spending too much time in quiet with your thoughts. The busier you are, the more of a break from your thoughts you can have.

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