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How To Overcome Anxiety?

Anxiety can be very dangerous if it goes out of control. We can follow some ways to overcome anxiety. These ways can be useful to reduce the anxiety.

  1. Over Exaggerate What Makes You Anxious

Think about the thing that makes you feel anxious.  Is it a snake?  Is it a dog?  Think of the biggest snake ever.  Multiply by two.  Then go to a serpentarium with a trusted friend or family member and look at the snakes.  By imagining the most extreme version of the worst case scenario, your version seems manageable now.

  1. Meditate

Meditation will help to clear your mind and make you feel calm and in control.

  1. Learn How To Breathe

Many people take short shallow breathes.  The more oxygen that gets to your lungs and to your brain, the calmer you will be.  Try practicing longer, controlled breathes.  When you inhale, your belly should rise.  When you exhale, the air should come leave you through your mouth.

breath heavily to overcome anxiety problems

breath heavily to overcome anxiety problems

  1. Plan Everything Out

Being organized helps to alleviate stress, which can turn into anxiety.  Keep a calendar.  If you have important things to do, write it down with lists.  Having a list and checking things off as they get done will help you with time management as well as help to overcome anxiety.

  1. Visualize Your Goals

A lot of anxiety takes place because you are afraid of failure.  This could be due to lack of preparation or setting unrealistic goals for yourself.  If you visualize your goals with pictures or a goal chart, it will help you to see whether your goals are actually attainable.

  1. Go for a Run

Running give you endorphins which will help you feel better.  Although you may feel exhausted, you may experience a phenomenon that many runners encounter—the runner’s high.  Running is also great because it gives you a chance to focus on the goal of finishing your run, and you are left with that and your thoughts only.

  1. Try Some Essential Oils

Essential oils are often underrated.  The smells of essential oils can help to change y our mood or calm you down.  Essential oils that are effective in helping you overcome anxiety are ylang ylang, lavender, chamomile and lemon.

  1. Go Out With Friends

Going out with friends and socializing my help you feel better.  Talk to a friend.  Sometimes, pretending that you are in a good mood will change your mood.

  1. Or Have A Quiet Day/Night In

If you are feeling very anti-social, or too overwhelmed and overstimulated by everyone and everything around you, a quiet day in is the answer.  Turn off your laptop.  Turn the ringtone off on your cell phone.  The world will not stop if you are not available to communicate for one day.  Relax, read a book, draw, or just sit and enjoy the silence.

10. Write Everything Down

Keep a journal.  Document your feelings, how you handled it, and your outcome.  Not only will this help you to identify what triggers your anxiety, it will also serve as an outlet for you.  Later, you can look back at your journal and see whether your anxiety

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