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Child Anxiety Symptoms That Parents Should Keep an Eye On

child anxiety symptoms

Sadly, children are not exempted from anxiety disorders. In fact, failure to treat this condition can make the young ones suffer from mental illness in the long term To date, child anxiety is becoming more and more rampant. The Mental Health America stated that one in 10 children are affected by mental health disorders that are related to anxiety, phobia ... Read More »

Manage Anxiety Naturally With Body Talk

Manage Anxiety Naturally With Body Talk

Robyn Spooner | Certified BodyTalk Practitioner | Anxiety and stress are diseases of our modern world that are widespread. They impact on our chances to relax and enjoy life. With prosperous lifestyles that are comfortable, interesting work that provides enough money to feed the family and live a comfortable lifestyle, middle class populations are feeling too overwhelmed to enjoy ... Read More »

Tips for Seekers of Depression Remedies

depression remedies

Life is not always in our favor. There will be times you will feel down. Problems will arise and these will make us blue. But if you constantly feel low-spirited that it is already preventing you from living your life normally, then you are probably suffering from depression. Depression stops you from functioning. You won’t be able to concentrate on ... Read More »

Natural Cures for OCD That You Never Thought Work Well

Natural cures for OCD

As per studies conducted by the OC Foundation, around 7 million people in America are suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This figure will continue to increase as people draw out its symptoms and have themselves assessed by medical professionals. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Defined OCD is an affliction in one’s behavior that can be distinguished with unmanageable thoughts and repeated acts ... Read More »

5 Ways To Deal With Depression Naturally

deal with depression naturally

Depression is described as feeling hopeless or distraught about one’s situation in life. This condition can be categorized as temporary unlike postpartum depression or major depression which refers to a chronic disorder that can last for years. Depression is also considered a disability if it is chronic and has become the top disability among Americans aged 15 to 44. Fortunately, ... Read More »

Herbal Remedies For Anxiety In Teens

Herbal Remedies For Anxiety

  It is true that certain herbal remedies for anxiety or depression are not safe for children especially for young children and babies. The reason for this is because young children have a different metabolism than teenagers and adults. Their central nervous, immune, and digestive systems are still in the process of maturing. Among teenagers, about 1 in 9 are taking ... Read More »

Recognizing Panic Attack Symptoms & What To Do

Panic Attack Symptoms

  During the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA, an Australian swimmer barely qualified for the finals. Eighteen years later, he admitted that during that milestone semis heat, he experienced breathing problems. He froze and felt pain in his diaphragm which caused him to start panicking halfway through the heat. Kieren Perkins went on to win the gold in the ... Read More »

Natural Remedies For Anxiety

Natural remedies for anxiety

Great Suggestions For Natural Remedies for Anxiety. Tens of millions of people in the United States suffer from anxiety with the average onset age being 11 years old. The prevalence in anxiety among adults on a 12 month period is 18.1% but increases to 22.8% for those suffering from chronic and severe anxiety conditions. Of those under the 12 month ... Read More »

6 Effective Ways To Get Mental Peace

Mental Peace

How many people truly achieve mental peace during the rat race of life? For many people mental peace is an unattainable goal or the most simplistic fantasy. For others, they have realized that in order to be content with life, you have to have some measure of peace within it. Your mind controls your emotions or feelings and you can ... Read More »