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Anxiety Attacks

Child Anxiety Symptoms That Parents Should Keep an Eye On

child anxiety symptoms

Sadly, children are not exempted from anxiety disorders. In fact, failure to treat this condition can make the young ones suffer from mental illness in the long term To date, child anxiety is becoming more and more rampant. The Mental Health America stated that one in 10 children are affected by mental health disorders that are related to anxiety, phobia ... Read More »

Relationship Between Anxiety and Heart Attack

Anxiety and Heart Attack

The relationship between anxiety and heart attack is a very close one. Being an anxious person can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Because the symptoms of chronic anxiety and heart attacks are similar, sometimes it is hard to tell which is the cause for your symptoms. Anxiety can sometimes mimic heart disease. Your blood pressure will rise. You ... Read More »

Why Do People Get Anxiety Attacks?

People Get Anxiety Attacks

You may ask yourself, “Why Do people get anxiety attacks ?” People get anxiety attacks for many different reasons. You can never truly pinpoint the cause of a mental disorder (which anxiety and depression are both classified as). These are both complex.  Research is always being done regarding the cause of both anxiety and depression.  In recent years, studies with ... Read More »

5 Things That Are Causes of Anxiety Attacks

causes of anxiety attacks

Anxiety is a common problem to many of us. The causes behind anxiety attacks can be different from person to person depending on the surrounding environment. But there are some common causes of anxiety attacks that are responsible for most anxiety attacks. 5 major causes of anxiety attacks are described below. The People Around You Sometimes external factors stress you out to ... Read More »