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Anxiety Causes

8 Reasons Why You Feel Anxious

Why You Feel Anxious

Do you wonder why you feel anxious at times? People will feel anxious over different situations and not truly know why they are experiencing anxiety. Anxiety is many times triggered by the stress that has intruded upon our lives. Some of these stresses make you feel more anxious than others but all stress can be managed if given time to ... Read More »

Smoking Is Killing You Both Physically and Mentally – Quit Now

quit smoking

For years now people have been warned about the severe health risks associated with smoking. Each package that contains tobacco products now carries a warning label glossing over the dangers. Smoking is killing you both physically and mentally. It is time to quit now. Nicotine is not the only bad thing in tobacco products, there are roughly 7,000 other chemicals ... Read More »

5 Disadvantages Of Late Night Work

late night work

This is an era in which people do not bother about the time at which they work. Most of them work the whole day till late night. This can be mainly because of competition and their need for more money for a better standard of life. These late night works have got many disadvantages that can make the individual end ... Read More »

How Worrying Can Affect Body and Mind?


Worries can make your condition really worst both mentally and physically. It is essential for you to know how worrying can affect you mentally and physically so that you can try to make yourself calm down. Worrying may make you body feel weak and get stuck by various different diseases. Excessive worry can make you feel very down. If you ... Read More »

8 Must Know Bad Effects Of Lack Of Sleep

Lack Of Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem, especially if it is ongoing. The immediate effects of lack of sleep are obvious and most people have experienced them at one time or another. These include being groggy, sluggish, unfocused and headaches. People will many times become overly emotional and easily angered. These symptoms can be remedied with a solid night’s sleep. However, ... Read More »

How Alcohol Lead You To Anxiety

alcohol harms body and mind

Many people think that a drink or two of alcohol will help them feel relaxed and less anxious. However, alcohol can trigger panic attacks. This happens when someone is hypersensitive to alcohol. This means that their body is very sensitive to any changes that happen. People that are hypersensitive notice every tiny change in their body. If you are hypersensitive ... Read More »

How To Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking?

public speaking fear | glossophobia

Glossophobia. Thousands of people in the world have it but not everyone knows what it means. Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. This affects people regardless of race, age or gender. Luckily, there are many ways to overcome the fear of public speaking. Public Speaking Fear or Glossophobia – The Symptoms Symptoms for public speaking fear or glossophobia vary from ... Read More »