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Social Anxiety Disorder

Facebook Depression and it’s Risk

facebook depression

Facebook, the most famous social networking place is the one in which almost all the people in the world can be found. Youngsters feel that it is the best place for them to hangout. In fact, many of them spend hours together in facebook. This course has given inflation to a new issue which is called “ Facebook Depression”. Cause ... Read More »

Do Really Social Media Cause Depression?

Social Media Cause Depression

Today Internet has become a part of our day-to-day life. It offers entertainment, information, and grief. You must be wondering why have I mentioned grief? Though internet has numerous advantages it also has many downfalls. With the latest hype in the social media usage, the personal lives of people are no more a personal affair. Every single news from engagement ... Read More »

How To Live With Social Anxiety

living with social anxiety

Living with social anxiety can feel very debilitating and limiting. Social anxiety can affect your performance at school, work, and your social relationships. Fortunately, people with social anxiety can lead normal, fulfilling lives if they learn how to manage their stress and social anxiety. A few ways to manage social anxiety are as follows: Making eye contact Make eye contact ... Read More »

Social Anxiety In Toddlers

social anxiety

Social anxiety is not an ailment that is gender or age specific.  There can be social anxiety in toddlers as well.  Children worry.  This is natural.  What should cause a parent to have concerns is when a child is constantly worrying, or if their fears and anxieties put a stop to everyday life. Don’t make a child feel bad about ... Read More »