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5 Things That Are Causes of Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety is a common problem to many of us. The causes behind anxiety attacks can be different from person to person depending on the surrounding environment. But there are some common causes of anxiety attacks that are responsible for most anxiety attacks. 5 major causes of anxiety attacks are described below.

  1. The People Around You

Sometimes external factors stress you out to the point that you have anxiety attacks.  Not knowing how to deal with the external stress can cause you to become withdrawn, feel overwhelmed, or backed into a corner.  These are all signs of having an anxiety attack.

  1. You Have Set Unrealistic Standards For Yourself

You may start out with the best of intentions and dream lofty dreams.  Then, life happens and you realize that you cannot begin (or finish) whatever task you have set out to do.  As time progresses and your nearing your goal, panic ensues.  Be realistic.  Set goals for yourself that are reasonable.  If it is a big goal, divide it up into steps or milestones that can be achievable.  This will transform your goals from something that will cause anxiety attacks to something that causes dreams.

Humans are generally goal oriented.  Many people base their self-worth on their successes and failures.  Unfortunately, we live in a society where we are compared to our friends, our colleagues, other’s expectations, and even our own past achievements.  You can forget this notion and attempt to live life with total disregard of these things or, you can try to strive for these goals (but make them manageable).  However, you have another problem…

  1. You Are Not Prepared.

Being prepared and being organized are two things that will help you to keep from having anxiety attacks. We don’t want to address the causes of anxiety attacks most of the time but we must. You will have massive feelings of panic if you are waiting until the last minute to start things, forgetting that you have a presentation due at work, or not being ready for an exam.  As your deadlines may approach you may find yourself feeling hopeless or unable to do the task that you were meant to do.  Having a strategy and a written outline of the things that you must do and how you will go about in completing the tasks will help to alleviate the stress and calm you down.

  1. You Worry About Things You Have No Control Over

If you spend a lot of time thinking about what other people think about you, or how they will react to things that you have said or done or wore, then you may start to have feelings of anxiousness when thinking about or around these people.  Associating stressful feelings with people or items will lead to having an anxiety attack

  1. You Are Afraid Often Is One Of The Causes Of Anxiety Attacks.

Being afraid of something is normal.  Everyone has a fear of something.  The degree of fear, however may signify whether you are an anxious person or whether your fear is normal.  For example. If you suddenly have cold sweats and heart palpations with the thought of being around a dog, despite its size or breed, you may let your fear of dogs in general be the cause of your anxiety attack.  Having a fear like this can stem from a traumatic incident.

 If feelings of fear overwhelm you to the point of not being able to function properly, you should seek the advice of a professional who can help you further to understand the causes of anxiety attacks.

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