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Symptoms of Chronic Anxiety

There are many symptoms of chronic anxiety that you should be aware of. Having these symptoms may be indicators that you may have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

When someone has generalized anxiety disorder, they have an ever mounting dread or inability to feel at ease, which affects their daily life.  They have a tendency to not deal well with criticism or confrontation because these people over analyze situations to the point that they can become ill. People who suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder tend to feel mentally and physically exhausted.  This could be due to stress or lack of sleep.  Studies have found that constant stress will cause the body to feel worn down over time. Many of the physical ailments that plague them are those that are stress related:  stomachaches, headaches, muscle tensions, all of which can be remedied by a little relaxation.

People with chronic anxiety tend to never fully be able to relax.  They are always stressed out for one reason or another.  They also put things off because they feel overwhelmed.  Having external stressors and people constantly nagging them does not help someone that has chronic anxiety disorder, it only makes them feel worse and pushes them further.  Their biggest fear tends to be failure.  Even before starting a project, people who suffer from chronic anxiety tend to see the end result, which is often the worse of the worst.

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They may feel depressed a lot because things just don’t seem to be going their way.  They also may try very hard to fit in to social groups.  Being accepted and worrying about other people’s perceptions of them is a symptom of chronic anxiety.   Because they are always questioning themselves, sufferers may lack confidence yet strive for perfection (which will never be found by them).  They tend to redo things over and over again because they are always questioning whether something is done correct, looks right, etc.  Another symptom of chronic anxiety is always having to be reassured about everything.  This can be exhaustive for both the sufferer and the people around the sufferer because, no matter what is said or done, nothing can placate the anxiety of someone with chronic anxiety.

People who worry almost every day for six months are typically diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  Studies show that women are affected by this more than men.  If you have a family member that suffers from it, you are more than likely to suffer from it as well.

It is very hard for someone with symptoms of chronic anxiety to recover fully.  What must be understood is that they must accept that there are things that they cannot change.  Life will happen and bad things will happen, but never to the extreme that is in their head.  Although many sufferers know that worrying about a situation is not going to change the outcome, they are still incapable of not being overly critical.  Understanding the symptoms of chronic anxiety will help you to continue having a positive relationship with someone who suffers from this ailment.

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