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15 Common Symptoms of Anxiety

Being able to see the symptoms of anxiety in yourself may seem difficult. Feeling anxious is a normal emotion. However, when anxiousness and fear take over your life and effect your everyday life, you may want to consult a physician. If you begin feeling the following symptoms, you may want to consult with a physician or mental health professional:


Some people begin to tremble when they are anxious. Typically, this happens with someone who suffers from social anxiety. You may find your hands or feet trembling. Your whole body may begin shaking uncontrollably.

Fullness in Your Chest

You may also feel as if something is in or on your chest. A tight chested feeling is a sure sign of anxiousness.

Inability to Catch Breath

You may feel as if you cannot seem to catch your breath or that you are grasping for air. This symptom may happen in conjunction with the fullness in your chest.


Lack of oxygen due to your breathing problems may cause you to feel dizzy.


When you are feeling anxious, you may also notice that you are jumpy. This means that you are startled easily or feeling as if someone is about to surprise you at any given moment.


Some people with symptoms of anxiety may notice that they have no patience anymore. They may get angry at things that would otherwise not get them upset. Some medications can increase irritability.

anxiety has many symptom


Feelings of hopelessness are the most known symptom of anxiety and depression. A chronic feeling of hopelessness may be signs of chronic depression or anxiety.

Distracted Easily

Because you are always thinking of things that are plaguing you, you may find that you are distrcte3d by different thoughts that are racing through your mind.

Blank Mind

The opposite can also happen. You may find yourself unable to think of words or thoughts, or that your mind is perpetually blank.

Inability to Focus

Many people realize that they cannot focus due to their anxiety. Being able to start projects or finish projects become a chore.

Sleep Problems

Many people with high levels of anxiety have sleep problems. These sleeping problems can be insomnia or sleeping too much. For many, the insomnia is due to the inability of having a quiet, restful mind.


A physical symptom of anxiety is sweating. Sweating too much may happen when you are very nervous.

Your Mind Never Stops

Over-analyzing or thinking about problems that have happened, are happening, or will happen are another symptom of anxiety.

Always “on edge”

All of these symptoms may lead to a person always “being on edge”. This means that they cannot relax and are always anticipating something bad happening.

These fifteen symptoms of anxiety are normal if it happens once in a while or by itself. When they become an everyday occurrence, or are combined with other symptoms, you should seek professional help. Knowing the symptoms to look for when you believe that you have an anxiety disorder, can help a professional seek a proper diagnosis.

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