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3 Causes Of Weight Gain When You Are Depressed

Young Woman In DepressionDepression and stress are correlated terms. The individuals who are going through chronic stress can get depressed. These two terms are related with the lives of almost all the individuals of this era. These two villains got emerged due to an increase in complexity of our lives. There is nothing simple today, the higher level of competition at various areas make people get stressed to the maximum. Even kids at school say that they are stressed. It is not uncommon to have weight gain when you are depressed. If you are obese and if you are going through a stressful lifestyle, then it is high time for you to think what are the real causes of your condition is. If stress and depression are acting as the root causes of your obesity then there is no use of intense workouts and restricted diet. You should understand the way you are gaining weight when you are stressed and depressed. This knowledge can make you aware of how to deal with the issue in a better way.

Are You a Victim of Weight Gain When You Are Depressed?

There is commonly seen weight gain when you are depressed. This can be caused by several reasons. 3 common causes that might influence the weight gain is described in brief below.


1. Flight or Fight Response and Emotional Eating

When you are under highly stressful condition and you are depressed to the worst level, there are chances for you to find something that can help you in feeling relieved. The disturbing truth is that most of the individuals find eating as the best way for relieving stress and come out of depression. Many people spend their whole day munching some fried snacks, and they feel they are coming out of their frustration. The body doesn’t know that you are not fleeing or fighting, and so it can replenish the nutritional stores in the body that can make an individual feel much hungry. The stressful condition can lead to weight gain in a drastic manner and can even lead to storage of fat around the abdominal area. This unwanted abdominal fat can lead to various ailments like heart disease and diabetes. For making the things worst, you may crave for more carbohydrates and sugar as muscles need sugar for energizing it in the flight or flee mode. For sugar to reach muscles insulin is required which is produced in a large amount. This combination of insulin and sugar at higher levels can set up a condition in the body that it can store more fat in it.

Weight Gain When You Are Depressed
Weight Gain When You Are Depressed

2. Mind Game

If you are habituated with snacking, then when you are getting stressed, and body urges to do something, in most of the cases it finds solace in eating something. Eating is something easier to do, and it can make you feel much comfortable too. When you are endangered to stress, your body generates the hormone called cortisol that can make you feel that starchy and sugary food items can help you in feeling relieved out of this condition. This makes you eat more carbohydrates. There are some elements that you can do for cutting down this weight gain.

3. Solutions

There are many things that can help in easily coming out of the weight gain due to stress. The percentage of weight gain can be reduced by taking measures for relieving your mind like mediation and also with a controlled diet and proper exercise.

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