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Can Anxiety Cause Depression?

Some say that anxiety and depression go hand in hand. This has been proven as untrue. Depression causes anxiety. This statement is somewhat true as depression can cause anxiety, just not in every situation. On the flipside, can anxiety cause depression? Let’s look at that a little deeper.

Depression and anxiety diagnoses can be similar and that is because people who suffer from Anxiety Disorder have a difficult time describing exactly what is happening to them. Putting into words the exact experiences that they are feeling is almost impossible. Since the doctor does not have clear picture as to the patient’s symptoms or triggers, it is hard to accurately diagnosis anxiety or depression.

The doctor will assess the patient’s general demeanor as well as how they are conveying their feelings. The physical symptoms are the main uses for diagnosing what is wrong with the patient. After running a gamut of tests and coming up with no known disease or ailment, a diagnosis of some form of Anxiety Disorder is handed down.

People who experience an anxiety disorder many times experience depression as a secondary condition. While the anxiety disorder is what doctors will associate with your mental health, depression is just another symptom of anxiety. Many people do fully believe that anxiety causes depression because of the roller coaster of emotions that the person suffering from anxiety works through.

Some mental health professionals believe that anxiety and depression are part of a single disorder. There are others who say that they are two distinctly different disorders but do have overlapping attributes. One can cause the other and vice versa.

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