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Facebook Depression and it’s Risk

Facebook, the most famous social networking place is the one in which almost all the people in the world can be found. Youngsters feel that it is the best place for them to hangout. In fact, many of them spend hours together in facebook. This course has given inflation to a new issue which is called “ Facebook Depression”.

Cause of Facebook Depression

It is correct that none of us is in facebook for being depressed or lonely but to keep in contact with as many as people as you find. There are youngsters who compete with each other in terms of the number of friends that they have. Even when you have got many contacts and friends, there are certain things that can make individuals go to the state of depression with the continuous and addicted use of facebook.

Comparing With Others

There are many individuals especially youngsters who start comparing the life of others on facebook with theirs. If they are having lower self esteem and they find the photos or status updates of their friends spending their time in an enjoyable way, there are chances for them to get more depressed. These people can start losing their self confidence, and they feel that they are nothing. This attitude is much dangerous. There are certain youngsters who try to imitate others, and this tendency can make them lose their own personality, and they find themselves unsatisfied always. Trying to keep on par with other friends on facebook can even put their mind in uncertainty.

Skewed Real Life View

Nothing is known in facebook as it is, but you always get a skewed view of life. When you are chatting with your friend over facebook or your facebook girlfriend / boyfriend there are no possibilities for knowing their expression and body language. Parents need to make their kids acquainted with the various risks that they can have on facebook which include sexting, cyberbullying, etc. The youngsters should also be aware of the need for using the privacy tools. There are many fake accounts online that can create so many troubles, and it is always good to keep away from them.

facebook depression

Facebook depression

Popularity Stunt

Facebook has opened the door for anybody to be celebrities online. It is a good feeling to be popular, but it should but be taken as a major thing in life. Most of the youngsters find themselves deeply buried in the fight for popularity. They spend most of their time in clicking the best profile picture ever so that they can get more likes and comments than any of their friends. They try to post all such things for getting more attention, and there are chances for them to forget about the reality of the world and get stuck in the virtual world of popularity. This popularity stunts are very unhealthy and can make individuals feel down if they cannot keep on pace with their friends. Getting more number of likes or comments becomes the only aim in their life which can put them into chaos.

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