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10 To Do List To Get Rid Of Stress At Your Work

Get Rid of Stress

Get Rid of Stress

Stress is a typical part of a person’s daily life. Even small stresses can have a negative impact on your day and your mood. The typical professional can have 30 or more projects in the works at any given time. Distractions throughout the workday can cause small glitches and stresses within the day and the person will feel the push to complete the projects within the given time frame. So with all of those stresses pulling at a person we will discuss 10 to do list to get rid of stress at your work.

How To Get Rid Of Your Stress At Work?

All of us want to get out of work stress that make us anxious and stressful. So here is a list of 10 things to do to get rid of the work stress and lead a peaceful life.

#1 Do Not React, Instead Act

Stress is experienced when we feel that situations have gotten out of our control. The stress keeps compounding until the person feels worn down and lacks the confidence to complete the tasks. Instead of reacting to a new situation that is overwhelming, identify all the aspects of the situation that you can control. Then identify all the aspects that you cannot control. You will generally be in control of your own actions and responses. Everything else needs to be let go and left to be resolved by someone else.

#2 Take a Deep Breath

Stepping back and taking a deep breath during the work day to rid stress sometimes seems impossible. It only takes one full minute of deep, calm breathing for a person’s stress level to come back down to normal. Next time you feel overwhelmed or finishing a tense meeting, stop for one minute and practice deep breathing. During your breaks at work, take the time to push all work aside and meditate or pray while practicing deep breathing. This will de-stress you while you are at work.

#3 Eliminate Interruptions

Interruptions are inevitable and while at work they are unavoidable. Interruptions such as emails, phone calls, deadlines, sudden meetings and instant messages can clog the work day making you unproductive and stressed out. Practice controlling your responses to these interruptions so they do not push your stress levels to the breaking point. Lay down some ground rules at work by setting up specific times that you will be answering emails and taking meetings for face-to-face discussions.

#4 Eat Right and Sleep Well

A bad diet will cause undue stress on your body and add that to a stressful day at work can cause detrimental affects to your mind and body. A good diet is high in proteins and low in fats and sugars. By balancing your diet, you will be better equipped to face the stress at work. A deep sleep is essential for the body to rejuvenate and reboot itself. When you do not sleep well, the little stresses of the work day will seem insurmountable and you will become overwhelmed. By having at least seven hours of deep sleep each night, you will be better able to rid yourself of the lingering stresses of work.

#5 Quick Cool Down

Frustration and anger can cause your body to react negatively and fill you with stress. Instead of reacting in anger or frustration, take a step back to cool down before taking action. This will bring the immediate stress levels down to a manageable point. By taking the time to cool down before acting will help rid stress at work.

#6 Find the Self-Imposed Stress

Many times we feed into our own stress and cause it to compound to the point of harming us. Many times you can build your self-confidence and relieve much self-imposed stress from seeking the approval of others at work. You cannot control others’ perceptions of you and if you try to become what they want you to be, you will live in perpetual stress. Shift your focus from others’ perception of your work to the work itself.

#7 Prioritize

Deadlines and project updates are easy enough to focus on while at work, but they are the means to the end. It is absolutely critical to define what is important at work. You need to understand your role within the structure of your company and have a working knowledge of your job duties. This will help you to cultivate a to-do list that will not overstress you and will help rid stress at work.

#8 Reset Your Internal Panic Button

Anxiety is a part of the job. If this is what you think, then you are wrong. If you get a panic attack prior to a presentation, then you need to reduce the stress and anxiety that you are feeding on at work. Take several cleansing breaths and apply acupressure by placing your thumb on the side of your middle finger and applying pressure. This will help to regulate your blood pressure and calm you.

#9 Influence Co-Workers

The stress levels of those around you at work will feed your own stress and make the situation unbearable. Confront the problem head on by speaking directly with the co-workers who are adding to the stress at work. Use a respectful tone and describe the negative impact that their stress and behavior is having on the work environment. Then request that they change the behavior. Also share some of your techniques to rid stress at work.

#10 Be Your Own Critic

Internal negativity will cause your greater stress than some external event pushing down on you. Learn how to pump yourself up instead of tear yourself down. Use encouraging thoughts to motivate you to achieve a less stressful attitude.work5345

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