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10 Ways To Live A Happy Life – Say Good Bye To Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Many people often wonder how others are able to live such a happy and content life. They see others who spend their time doing what they love and making a career out of it. Their lives are full of friends, family, relaxation and happiness. How can you also live a happy life that will allow you to have a leisurely life and enjoy the things around you?

How To Live a Happy and Peaceful Life?

Everybody want to live a happy and peaceful life. But a very few actually can lead such life. You will need to do some stuff if you really want to be happy. Here are 10 ways to live a happy life:

#1 Entertain Family and Friends

There are numerous studies that have proven those people who are social and spend time in the company of friends and family are happier than those who close themselves off from everyone. Whether hosting a dinner party at your home or meeting for coffee and cake at the local bakery, spending time with people you care about and uplift you will give you a boost and bring happiness into your life.

happy life with family

happy life with family

#2 Start an Exercise Routine

Exercising just 21 minutes per day will produce endorphins and therefore give you a lift in your mood. While you do not have to do heavy duty strength training, just getting your heart rate up by a brisk walk will improve your happy mood. If you are not used to exercising daily, start slow so you do not over-exert yourself.


#3 Meditate and Relax

Take the time out of each day, whether it be when you first wake up or before you go to bed, or anytime within the day that you have time, for alone time. This may sound hard to do, but it is worth every precious second that you can closet yourself away. Spend the time meditating or in prayer. Do not go over your checklist for the day or dwell on problems, instead spend it relaxing your mind and body.

#4 Put Your Sentiments on Display

This may sound silly, but how many times have you gotten a gift that is beautiful and you want to hold it back for special occasions? Take all of those precious gifts and photos of special friends and events and put them on display. As you move through your home or even your office, you will relive each happy moment. Living a happy life is as simple as surrounding yourself with the things you love.

#5 Organize Your Home

Clutter and disorganization is not the road to a happy lifestyle. Take the time to un-clutter your home and make room for those special knick-knacks and photos that will keep your memories alive and you happy. Come up with an organizational system that will allow you to easily deal with clutter and make your home more functional.

#6 Write Your Gratitude

By taking five minutes each day and writing down what you are grateful for will bring happiness to your life and help you to see all of the good things in your life. Get a notebook and place it on your bedside table or where ever if will be convenient for you to write out your gratitude for the day. This will aid you in living a happy life and give you the chance to understand where your happiness is coming from.

#7 Reconnect with Family and Friends

If you have lost touch with family members or friends, find a way to reconnect with them. Send an email or a note through the mail to let them know you are thinking of them. Pick up the phone and give a friend or family member a call. Pick a different person each day to talk to and reminisce about happy times. Spending those precious moments connecting with those you care about will bring happiness to your life.

#8 Enjoy Your Work

You may have started off full of excitement and joy over your chosen profession. Sometimes the excitement fades and you begin to regret doing the work that is expected of you. If this is how you are feeling, then you will not be able to live happy. Take a step back and look for a career that will bring enjoyment and contentment into your life.

#9 Lend a Hand In Your Community

Volunteering will make you feel worthwhile. You are helping others and meeting new people. Whether you are spending time with the elderly, helping to clean up a park or working to feed the homeless, each person that crosses your path will touch you in some way. Live happy and feel worthwhile by lending a hand where it is needed most.

#10 Spend Time Alone

Go on a shopping trip or see a movie by yourself. Go get a manicure or just sit quietly in a park. This time will help to rejuvenate your spirit and give you the chance to recharge your battery. Do not reflect on your disappointments, instead focus on your successes.

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