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Say Goodbye To Nervousness – 10 Things To Do

Self-confidence is the biggest asset, but there are many things and conditions in life that may put your self-confidence to test. Job interviews, exams, and public speaking, stage presentations, talking to your crush make leave you feeling nervous. Feeling nervous in these situations is extremely normal. There is nothing to worry about. All you need to do is to bring the below mentioned things in your practice to keep the nervousness at bay.

Reason behind nervousness

Fear is the biggest reason behind feeling nervous. Fear of losing, fear of rejection and fear of humiliation and many more. There are many situations that make even the most confident person, nervous. Exam, interview, presentations, networking, talking to strangers, starting a new, job. Etc. are few of the situations that we face in our day-to-day lives, which make us, feel nervous.

Signs and symptoms

Sweating, trembling, dry mouth, stammering, and dizziness, shallow breathing, biting nails, rapid breathing, difficulty in concentrating, hot and cold flushes etc.

Ten things that relieve nervousness

Say goodbye to nervousness by following the below given tips.

1. Breathe in breath out-The first stuff that you should do is to take a long breath. As you breathe in, count to ten, catch your breath, count to ten and then exhale out to a count of ten. Keep repeating until you feel calm.

2. I can do this-Have faith in you. Keep repeating in mind that – ‘I can do this’. This will surely boost your confidence.

3. Walk-When you feel nervous walk for a while. When we walk our body release endorphin. Endorphin will make you happy, and this will calm you down.

4. Psych yourself- before doing the task; imagine yourself doing the task successfully and magnificently. For example, if the job interview is what’s making you nervous, imagine yourself giving the interview and getting applauded. This will surely help.

5. Practice your task well this is the best way to beat nervousness. Whether it’s a stage performance, public speaking or an exam, if you have practiced well you will not get nervous. Practicing is the weapon that kills nervousness. It will give you self-confidence.

6. Do yoga or meditate- meditation and yoga helps to clear up one’s mind and soul and also increase concentration. It will give you enough strength to deal with the ups and downs. Practicing yoga and meditating regularly will benefit you.

7. Get a good sleep and nourishment- Getting a good sleep will soothe your nerves and keep you relaxed throughout the day. This will help you to handle any given situation without feeling nervous.

8. Socialize- spending time with near and dear ones is also of great help to calm your nerves. If you are feeling nervous about something bare your heart in front of your closed ones. Talk out your fears and insecurities. This will make you feel more confident.

9. Distract yourself- when you feel nervous distract yourself. Watch TV, listen to music and indulge in any sport or hobby.

10. Stay positive- Always keep a positive outlook towards your life. Always think good, beautiful and positive.

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