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Smoking Is Killing You Both Physically and Mentally – Quit Now

For years now people have been warned about the severe health risks associated with smoking. Each package that contains tobacco products now carries a warning label glossing over the dangers. Smoking is killing you both physically and mentally. It is time to quit now. Nicotine is not the only bad thing in tobacco products, there are roughly 7,000 other chemicals that are inhaled into your body when your smoke, there is no doubt that smoking is killing you.smoking

It has been determined that tobacco smoke contains over 60 known cancer causing chemicals and it harms almost every organ within the human body. This reduces the general health of a person and can trigger many diseases. You should quit smoking now as it has many deadly products that are killing you inside.

Most Dangerous Chemicals in Tobacco Smoke

  • Tar – particles that are suspended in tobacco smoke and contain chemicals. There are many carcinogens or cancer causing substances. Tar also stains teeth and fingernails along with lung tissue.
  • Carbon monoxide – an odorless gas that is fatal when in large doses. It pulls the oxygen from the blood and replaces it with itself to bind to the hemoglobin. This means that less and less oxygen is able to reach all of the organs.
  • Hydrogen cyanide – stops the lungs from properly filtering and cleaning the air that we breathe in. There are tiny cilia in the lungs that aid in cleaning the lungs and removing foreign substances. The cilia are made inactive when a person takes up smoking.
  • Free Radicals – are highly reactive chemicals that can damage blood vessels and heart muscles. This will eventually lead to heart disease, stroke and blood vessel disease if you continue to keep smoking. Quit now.
  • Metals – most people are unaware that tobacco smoke contains metals that are dangerous and include cadmium, lead and arsenic; several of these metals are known to be carcinogenic.
  • Radioactive compounds – these compounds are also known to be carcinogenic.

The Respiratory System

It is the respiratory system that takes the direct abuse when a person smokes. Since the tobacco smoke is being breathed directly into the lungs, the entire respiratory system is compromised when you continue smoking. Effects on the respiratory system from smoking include:

  • Trachea and larynx experience chronic irritation.
  • Lung function is reduced and the person will experience breathlessness due to narrowing of the airways and excess mucus within the lung passages.
  • Lungs experience impairment and are unable to filter particles out. This will lead to a build up of substances that are poisonous.
  • You are more likely to experience lung infections, coughing and wheezing when you have been smoking for just a few short months.
  • There will be permanent damage of the air sacs in the lungs.

The Circulatory System

With the respiratory system in distress, other systems of the body will begin to falter. Smoking will eventually negatively impact all of the body’s systems. It is best to quit now to minimize the damage being done to your body. Effects on the circulatory system include:

  • Blood pressure rises along with your heart rate.
  • Tightening of the blood vessels in the skin which results in a drop in skin temperature.
  • Less and less oxygen will be carried by the blood.
  • Your blood will be more prone to clotting and causing serious blood clots that could be dangerous to your health.
  • The lining of arteries are damaged,
  • Blood flow to hands, feet, fingers and toes are greatly reduced.
  • You will be at an increased risk of stroke and heart attack due to smoking.

Mental Impact of Smokingstopsmoking

The addiction of smoking will also have a mental impact on the person. The smoker feels incomplete without the tobacco and is unable to fully function when the tobacco products are taken away. Like with any addiction, the smoker has to be willing to quit and take the appropriate actions to break the habit.

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