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Do Really Social Media Cause Depression?

Today Internet has become a part of our day-to-day life. It offers entertainment, information, and grief. You must be wondering why have I mentioned grief? Though internet has numerous advantages it also has many downfalls. With the latest hype in the social media usage, the personal lives of people are no more a personal affair. Every single news from engagement to breakups, from job gains to job loss, even from the news of the birth of a new baby to death of a person are being shared on the social media. In this scenario, getting overwhelmed by seeing such posts is quite normal. Reading the happy posts of your friends might give you a lot of happiness but the sad post can also stir you up emotionally. Today social media is a vital part of life of everyone, especially teenagers and youth, in this case they easily get depressed by seeing such feeds on the social media sites. This has given birth to a new term known as “Social Media Depression”.

Social Media Cause Depression                     

Reason of Social Media Depression

How many times have you realized that your life is boring after watching your friend’s or colleague’s holiday pictures on Facebook or Instagram? How often have you felt rejected and dejected after seeing the pictures of your friends partying without you? Have you ever felt a sudden bout of sadness after reading the news of the sudden demise of your friend’s friend, who also happens to be your friend on Facebook? The answers to these questions are numerous times. The above given scenarios are not uncommon today. The teenagers often draw comparisons between their life and their friend’s life when the see the posts of their friends happily holidaying in a resort and partying in the club without them. They also relate it to self esteem and make it a prestige issue. This leads to depression.

How to cope up with social media depression?

According to the health officers children and teenagers are more prone to social media depression. Also, women are more prone to this as they are more emotional than men. Social Media Depression is a very dangerous condition. It may take a toll on life. It is very necessary to cope up with it once you find yourself stuck in this condition.

Simply cutting off the Internet from your life is not the solution, as we all very well know that social media are very addictive. You need a planned and proper approach towards this problem. Cut down the hours you spend on the internet instead of completely stopping internet surfing. Try to have a healthy social life. Socializing with your pals can uplift your mood. Follow a daily routine. Have a proper sleep pattern. Take up exercising. You can also take up a hobby. Try to understand that you have a life other than your virtual life. Take psychiatric help if needed.

Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace etc. have provided us with lots of benefits, but surely there is a dark side too. It is totally up to us, how we use it. With a little understanding and maturity, we can take the advantage of social media keeping the side effects at bay.

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