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How Stress and Depression Can Cause Your Weight Gain

Surprising as it may sound, but depression may lead to weight gain. It is a vicious circle, and when you are gaining weight due to depression, it makes you even more depressed and gains more weight, the cycle continues.

Also, it is like an egg and hen story, one cannot put the culprit on front, it works in mysterious ways. But researchers do agree to the fact that this happens.

Stress and Depression Can Cause Weight Gain

Who are experiencing depression is likely over to eat as food takes their mind of the cause of depression. Also, they are likely to make poor food choices and eat more of fat or cholesterol. They are also known to avoid exercise as they do not feel healthy and hence gain weight.


A typical hormone in the body named serotonin is known to decrease when the person in depression, the absence serotonin makes the person consume food that has a high level of carbohydrates. Also, when you eat sugar or chocolates you tend to feel good when depressed; it is also caused by this imbalance of hormones and adds to the weight of your body.

Obesity these days is a common problem; it is due to unhealthy lifestyle and increased level of stress and depression among people.


The sleep is disturbed by depression and stress. And uneven hours and disturbed sleep leads to low level of hormone growth, increased level of cortisol and also create resistance to insulin. All these are known to increase fat in the body.

Lack of sleep also effects your body metabolism, and you tend to eat more and use the energy less that is stored as fat in the body. One tends to avoid any exercise when feeling depressed in such cases, what all one is eating gets accumulated as fat. Not only form of rigorous exercise but also the brain refuses even to act for small work. One tends to stay in one place and move around a little for basic work. This adds to the fat in the body.

Even though, there is no exercise, and the energy is not being utilized yet the brain works in mysterious ways when one is depressed, and it does not send out any signals, and the person keeps on with the intake of high level of carbohydrates and fats. Eating chocolates, ice creams, caffeine is just too normal when one is depressed; they tend to make you feel excellent for a while but have long term harmful effects for the body.

The circles go on until one realizes the effects and make conscious efforts to put a stop to it. You need to pick yourself up and gather the courage to face and fight whatever is troubling you else you will be grabbed in the tide forever. Life is too short to waste in worry and stress. Live life to enjoy, if there is something that needs your attention; try and have a positive outlook towards it. The way you deal with things is rather very important for your mental and physical health and well being.

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