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Social Anxiety In Toddlers

social anxiety

Social anxiety is not an ailment that is gender or age specific.  There can be social anxiety in toddlers as well.  Children worry.  This is natural.  What should cause a parent to have concerns is when a child is constantly worrying, or if their fears and anxieties put a stop to everyday life. Don’t make a child feel bad about ... Read More »

10 Symptoms of Anxiety In Children

Anxiety In Children

Children express feelings of anxiety differently than adults do.  Depending on their age and personality, sometimes, children are unable to tell an adult how they are feeling.  However, there are 10 symptoms of anxiety in children that you should look for:  Your Talkative Child Becomes Withdrawn, Stops Talking, or Becomes Afraid of Crowds If your child’s personality starts to change, it ... Read More »