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Thinking of Suicide? Is It Really Worth Your Sufferings?

The suicide rates across the world are steadily rising and people are wondering why this is becoming almost like an epidemic. With the passing of world-renown comedian Robin Williams, suicide has been thrust back into the spotlight. Williams successfully battled depression for years until finally there was a breaking point within his life. Others before him have faced the same dilemma and have taken their life while others have been able to continue fighting to keep living. So if you are thinking of suicide, you should first understand is it really worth your pain and sufferings?

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Thinking of Suicide?

Suicidal thoughts can occur in any person. There are certain prescription drugs and illegal drugs that induce stronger feelings of helplessness or invincibility. This causes the person to become suicidal.

Depression can also lead to suicidal tendencies. Clinical depression can be diagnosed and treated, but there is still the stigma of those diagnosed and there are thousands of people each year who go undiagnosed because they fear the shame of such an illness. With the death of celebrities who have been battling this illness, people may begin to see that there is no shame in seeking help when your thoughts turn to suicide.

There is nothing that is happening in your life that would make suicide acceptable. It is the easy way out. The person does not have to face the anxiety or depression that has enveloped them. For those on medications that are inducing suicidal thoughts, a change in dosage or a different prescription can have a positive affect.

Talking to friends and family as well as medical professionals when you begin thinking of suicide will help those around you become aware of the situation. They can work with you and walk beside you when you have these thoughts.

Is It Really Worth Your Sufferings?

Life is precious and everyone is here to fulfill a purpose. You may feel that there is no reason for you being here and therefore ending your life is the only answer. Every day you touch someone’s life and make an impression within society. Your choices will clearly affect the people around you.

Even if you are suffering from depression or anxiety your life is still worthy of living and you still have the power within you to stand up and accept that things must change. Your happiness and willingness to continue is imperative to you deciding whether your life is really worth continuing.

Suicide is final. There is no reversing it once you have taken that step. There are so many other avenues that can be taken to get your life back on track and bring a ray of sunshine back into your existence.

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Resources for Suicide Prevention

Every city or county has depression help hotlines and clinic for people to go to. They also offer extensive suicide prevention programs for those contemplating suicide. If you have a friend or relative who has exhibited suicidal tendencies in the past, find your closest resource and do all you can to help them find the right place to walk them through their time of difficulty.

Many hospitals offer workshops and support groups for those who are at a higher risk of committing suicide. They also offer support groups for those who have been affected by the death of a loved one through suicide.

If you are thinking of suicide, please, please try to find a new path, help is out there.

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