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What Anxiety Feels Like and How It Affects You Gradually

work stressWe often are asked what anxiety feels like. There are 100’s of symptoms revolving around anxiety. Not every person experiences the same cookie cutter feelings when they have anxiety. So answer the question, what does anxiety feel like, is almost an impossible task.

Anxiety is more than just having a feeling; it is a product of the body trying to retreat from something. There have been many times that a person suffering from anxiety has thought that they were suffering from a physical medical illness. Many have no idea what anxiety feels like. They will visit many doctors trying to determine what is wrong with them before they are finally diagnoses with an anxiety disorder. There are common emotional and physical symptoms of anxiety. Not everyone who suffers from anxiety feels these emotions and physical ailments though.

Common Emotional Symptoms of Anxiety

There are some common emotional symptoms of what anxiety feels like:

  • Feelings of apprehension – unexplained uneasiness or dread weighs heavily on the person and they live in a constant state of expectation that something bad is going to happen. They are very tense and always anticipating the worst.
  • Difficulty concentrating – the person is unable to focus or concentrate on even the simplest tasks.
  • Irritability – the person will be short-tempered and not patient with those around them.
  • Restlessness – the person will not be able to fully relax, they will tend to move from project to project without finishing anything.
  • Constantly looking over your shoulder – in the mind of the person suffering from anxiety, danger lurks around every corner.
  • Blank mind – many times the person will not be able to focus because their mind has gone blank and they are unsure how it happened.
what anxiety feels like

Perhaps this is what anxiety feels like

Who Knows What Anxiety Feels Like? Common Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

There are also some physical symptoms of anxiety that is seen commonly. Here are these common physical symptoms.

  • Increased heart rate – many people believe that a pounding heart is indicative of some cardiac event that will damage their heart, in reality; it is your body’s response to the emotional strain that anxiety is putting on the body.
  • Sweating – when a person is frightened or filled with dread, they will sweat as a natural response.
  • Stomach upset – many times this is accompanied with dizziness. The body’s systems are under stress and unable to cope with the intense emotions that the person is feeling.
  • Shortness of breath – many people mistake this as a serious pulmonary episode associated with a cardiac occurrence. This is generally not the case; the body is simply trying to adjust to the emotional responses of the person.
  • Headaches – high stress put on the body can trigger a severe headache and until the person is able to relax and de-stress, a headache will be constant.
  • Fatigue or insomnia – emotional stress will cause the body to require more sleep, the body however cannot relax enough to go into a deep sleep if the mind refuses to relax as well.
  • Muscle tension and tremors – when a person is under strain, whether it is emotional or physical, they will tense their muscles. A person suffering from anxiety will experience an almost constant state of muscle tension. This will cause fatigue within the muscles and tremors to begin.

So now the question as to what anxiety feels like is on the way to being answered.

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